Types of Good Coffee Beans Varieties You Can Savour On

December 19, 2023 3 min read

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Coffee is the daily staple of millions around the world, and India is no exception. Coffee consumption in India has been on the rise in recent years. Many people are constantly seeking out high-quality and specialty beans to make their brew of coffee.

Coffee lovers may be interested in learning about the various types of good coffee beans available in the Indian market. Though there are some imported varieties, the Indian coffee varieties are also quite popular. So, in this post, we will explore the four types of coffee beans found in India in order to help you buy coffee beans in India.  

Arabica Beans

These are the most widely consumed coffee beans in the world. They are grown in high altitudes and cooler climates, thus giving them a more delicate flavour and aroma compared to other types of beans. So if you want to buy coffee beans that are sweet and fruity with notes of chocolate and nuts, Arabica beans is your answer. Arabica has a lower acidity level than different types of beans, thus making them less bitter.    

The good coffee beans are largely farmed in the southern Indian states of Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. The coffee beans from this region are known for their exceptional quality and are commonly used in specialty coffee mixes. The most famous Arabica coffee cultivars are Coorg, Chikmagalur and Baba Budangiri.

Excelsa Beans

This is a lesser-known variety of coffee beans primarily grown in Southeast Asia. They have a complex flavour profile with hints of fruitiness, tartness, and earthiness. They have a slightly nutty taste and a medium body and are known for their high acidity level and unique flavour profile. They are mostly cultivated in the state of Kerala. They are not as widely available as Arabica or Robusta beans. However, they are often used in specialty coffee blends. Dalat and Catimor are the most popular Excelsa varieties.

Robusta Beans

The Robusta beans are the second most popular coffee beans in the world after Arabica. They have a strong and bold flavour and high caffeine content. Robusta beans are grown at lower altitudes and warmer climates, which gives them a robust flavour. They have a strong bitter taste with notes of chocolate and earthy flavours. In India, these beans largely come from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. They are often combined with Arabica beans to achieve a well-rounded taste profile. Kaapi Royale and Robusta Parchment are two of the most famous Indian Robusta coffee varieties.

Liberica Beans

This is a rare type of coffee primarily grown in Southeast Asia. The beans have a unique flavour profile with hints of floral and fruit notes and a slightly woody taste with a full-bodied texture. Liberica coffee beans are known for their low acidity and high caffeine content. In India, they are grown in the southern state of Kerala. They are not commonly accessible as Arabica or Robusta beans but are often used in specialty coffee blends: the Dewevrei and Kaffa and the prominent Indian Liberica coffee types.

Bottom Line

India has a diverse range of coffee beans, which come with their unique flavour profile and characteristics. Whether you prefer a bold, robust coffee or a mild and fruity one, there are coffee beans for everyone. Speciality coffee culture in India is also on the rise, and there has never been a better time to explore Indian coffee beans to discover your favourite brew.