Future of Coffee

As climate change drives pest outbreaks, droughts,heat waves, excess rainfall and rising se levels our beloved brews are at risk ! At least 60% of all coffee species are threatened with extinction which is one of the highest levels recorded for a plant group.

With our current Climatic regime the design conveys a new style of awareness about the diminishing species of wildlife in India & their critical status. Using the IUCN red list data, a set of criteria was developed to choose the animals for the covers of the packs.

Stronger the Coffee, stronger their status is.

Very Strong/Strong coffee : Critically endangered species

Medium coffee : Endangered species

Mild coffee: Vulnerable species

According to future projections, almost half of the world’s coffee-producing lands will be will become unsuitable by 2050. Almost 28%of the current coffees are not known to occur in any protected areas.

For more info: www.iucnredlist.org