About Us

Hidden in a calm, cosy corner enveloped in the bittersweet aroma of coffee lies Devans- the safe refuge for connoisseurs of filter coffee. Devans are the first roasters in North India, providing the largest selection of Arabica coffee and customised coffee blends, delivering quality and excellence for decades.

The caffeinated legacy of Devans commenced when the company's founder and visionary, Mr. D Vasudevan, started his roastery. Mr. Vasudevan, an esteemed member of The Coffee Board of India, embarked on a journey headed towards providing the best, fresh South Indian filter coffee to the people. He experimented with numerous ratios of the highest quality Arabica coffee to obtain the perfect blend of flavour, acidity, body and aroma.

Until the late 80's, the consumption of coffee seemed limited to a minute faction including the South Indian traditionalists, intellectuals and foreign diplomats. However, the caffeine trends reformed greatly as the Devans next-in-line, Keshav Dev, entered the business. Keshav prospered in spreading the bittersweet flavour of filter coffee in North India, successfully transforming the ardent tea lovers into coffee enthusiasts. He explored the caffeinated realm further and was among the earliest to offer speciality Indian coffee, viz. Monsooned Malabar, Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold and Robusta Kaapi Royale.

Joining the rich Devans heritage is Keshav's heir, Siddhant Keshav, who is a member of The Speciality Coffee Association of Europe. The discerning father-son duo has successfully expanded their collection introducing multiple single-origin speciality coffee from various parts of the world. Siddhant has traveled extensively to learn more intricacies about roasting and cup tasting of coffee, trained in coffee shops in Vienna and other European cities, which inspired him to open his own cafe that serves an unmatched menu of coffee.

The cafe has been designed by his sibling, Aishwarya Keshav, an Architect. The store and cafe is an experiential space rather than just a café, for people to see how coffees are brewed and learn about the coffee before buying their single origins or blends of coffees and teas. She has also redesigned the entire packaging and logo of Devan’s.
Devans coffee and teas are sourced from the finest plantations of India. The coffee is expertly roasted, ground and packed for clients including luxury resorts, restaurants, retail chains, shops and cafeterias, which aim at serving the perfect coffee to their customers.
Striving to provide the world's finest coffee, the company assists its patrons in their caffeinated endeavours, facilitating them to customize their own blends. Devans are passionate and devoted professionals serving quality and excellence in each sip of their coffee.