Create your own Blend of Coffee at Devans

May 11, 2021 2 min read

Create your own Blend of Coffee at Devans

Have you ever dreamt of having a cup of coffee that has a flavour and texture of your own choice? A cup that will taste what YOU want it to be like and not what a vendor has packed? Have you ever thought of having a drink that comes with a flavour that wakes you up and adds taste to your daily cuppa as well? Well, if you have; then you have reached the best place. We are the Devans and our offline location is at South Delhi and online at our website.

We have been catering to the tea and coffee requirements since 1962 and have become a place that offers all the best kinds of teas and coffees in a pre-packed form as well as in a blended form. You can choose two or more than two types of coffees to make you own blend of coffee that makes your everyday more special and tastier.

You can choose from a number of available varieties that comprise of indigenous as well as international types of the beverage. Our collection of premium coffee comprises of all kinds of coffee, i.e. Mild, Medium, Strong, and Very Strong Coffee. The following types of coffees are housed at Devans and are offered for creation of blends:

  • Arabica Peaberry
  • Organic Arabica Coffee
  • Arabica Columbian Coffee
  • Washed Sidamo Guji from Ethiopia
  • SHB Teresita from Guatemala
  • Altura Superior Chiapas Adelita from Mexico
  • Arabica Plantation – AA
  • Earlybird Special Blend
  • Monsooned Malabar
  • Robusta Kaapi Royale
  • Natraj
  • Oriental Espresso Blend
  • Chicory
  • Gayathri which comprises of 60% coffee and 40% Chicory
  • Premium Blend
  • Viennese Blend
  • Arabica Peaberry Dark Roast
  • Arabica French Roast


Though every coffee lover will be more than just satisfied with the above-mentioned list of all kinds of coffees offered by the Devans; we also offer the option of creating individual coffee blend by choosing any of the coffees mentioned above.

Coffee at Devans – What makes us Unique?

Though one might wonder that what makes the coffee at Devans so unique and different; we assure you that once you let the Devans Coffee blends reach your taste buds, they will never get satisfied by any other coffee; especially the ones that are regular ones.

For the lovers of the coffee around the world, it is more than just a beverage and has become a part and parcel of their lives. The coffee culture is something that can be found at almost all parts of the world and Devans is dedicated to enrich that culture with more taste, better texture and better and higher quality coffee blends. We offer the best coffee blends to tickle your taste buds and leave an after taste that lingers on to remind of the delicious cuppa you have just had.

With Devans you can always expect your coffee to be nothing but the best and that too without robbing you of your money. We offer an excellence that is unmatched at the prices that are unbeatable. Take it from a name that has been delivering coffee and tea since 1962 that your experience with coffee will change once you choose Devans.