About Us

Tucked away in a quiet hidden corner of South Delhi, is a shop where connoisseurs of filter coffee have been visiting since 1962. A bitter sweet aroma envelops the whole market and whether you are a coffee drinker or not, get naturally drawn towards it.

The rich heritage of Devans began in Delhi where the companies original founder and visionary started his roastery. Mr D Vasudevan pioneered the project of providing fresh South Indian filter coffee for the people. He worked with the coffee board of India and in the early years dedicated much time to experimenting with different proportions of the highest quality arabica coffees achieving the perfect balance of flavor, acidity, body and aroma.

Till about the late 80's, coffee drinking in Delhi was restricted to the small population of South Indian traditionalists, intellectuals and foreign diplomats. But his son, Keshav Dev dynamically succeeded in spreading the business of filter coffee among North Indians who have been basically tea drinkers. He was among the first to offer speciality Indian coffees like the Monsooned Malabar, Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold and Robusta Kaapi Royale to his customers.

Keshav is now being joined by his son Siddhant Keshav who is a member of Speciality Coffee Association of Europe and has introduced single origin speciality coffees from other parts of the world, adding to the collection. At Devans, the goal is to consistently provide some of the finest coffees, impart friendly knowledge and invaluable services while never sacrificing quality or integrity. Our aim is educate our customers on the simple fact that they do not have to sacrifice quality for price. We pride ourselves to be the first roasters in Delhi and Northern India who have been providing freshly roasted coffee and having the largest selection of Arabica coffees and Blends of coffee. It's the only roastery in India where you can create your own blends too. Coffee is sourced from the finest plantations of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala which is then roasted, ground and packed for the clients that includes luxury resorts, hotels, restaurants, retails chains, shops and cafes, who offer only the finest coffees.

Devans are passionate and dedicated professionals in the field of Coffee & Tea, committed to provide quality and excellence.