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Indian coffees are home to the best shade grown coffees in the world. It grows Arabica and Robusta coffees in the southern states where lush coffee plantations are heavily inter cropped with black pepper and ginger that bustle with honeybees and yield the finest coffee beans.

Peaberry coffees are rare, comprising only 3-7% of the total crop. These pea-shaped, natural formations of the coffee bean are thought to form when several pistils get knocked off the coffee flower, causing only one seed to form inside the coffee fruit rather than two.

Normally coffee beans grow two to a cherry, flat against each other but in about five percent of the worlds coffee a bean is found to be solo that's Peaberry.

Because there's no way to tell from looking at the cherry whether there's a single or double bean inside, as a result Peaberry beans are hand picked and processed to be enjoyed separately.

Tasting notes:

At Devan’s Arabica Peaberry is roasted in a way to create a mild strength of coffee, that is soft, smooth, highly aromatic and flavorful . If you like milder coffees, go for this lighter bodied and a clean cup of coffee. It’s ideal when made in a French Press or a pour over.