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To Celebrate six decades of DEVAN’S, we gathered unique coffees from six different regions of the world and created a blend to make sure when you lift your cup of coffee to the lips and inhale its aroma and your palate experiences a unique flavour, it leads you to a memorable moment !

Single origin green beans have been sourced from different countries and India to make this exquisite blend. We have 60 years of experience in the coffee industry and want to share our knowledge and abilities to bring out new flavors of your favourite beverage. 

Blend courtesy: Siddhant Keshav

Tasting Notes:

A triumph of aromas made with the most exclusive coffees in the world. Medium roasted to bring out the nice acidity of passion fruit with a smooth finish reminiscent of malt and much more for those who won’t settle for anything less than outstanding. An excellent and versatile blend that suits any extraction, revealing an intricate acidity evocative of nuts and hints of blood orange and cacao.