The beverage that DRIVES the WORLD

May 11, 2021 3 min read

From the day they were crushed and filtered for the very first time to the times when they have become a permanent resident in almost every home in every country – the coffee beans and coffee have become much more than just a refreshing beverage. Stress reliever, beauty enhancer, morning alarm, refreshing cuppa, mood uplifting agent, and what not; coffee is an inseparable part of our lives. Irrespective of the form in which it is consumed; coffee is that one drink that has become an important part of our lives and culture. From the highly indulgent ones served with crème, brownies and other such sides to the decadent ones; from the regular cappuccinos to the kicking espressos; form the fancy one that comes from exotic and premium beans to the ones that are manufactured indigenously – one can go on and on about the coffee and still the saga will remain wanting something.

The earliest accounts of consuming coffee as a stimulant and energizing drink date back to 9 th century. Since then, the beverage has been sitting in our kitchens, energizing our ancestors and now us. Coffee is enjoyed in various forms, styles, cuisines and manner across the world. But one thing remains the same – the unparalleled love for the inviting steaming cup that rejuvenates nerves and senses.

Though one can find coffee in every small shop lying right around the corner, the taste and texture of the beverage becomes hundred times better and tastier when it is extracted from premium quality beans. The strains of the plant that produce coffee beans that produce rich coffee that smells great, tastes great and melts in your mouth; are cultivated in different parts of the world. Further, just having the right beans is not enough. It is important that they are processed rightly. After picking and drying, the roasting is done which is the most crucial phase that changes the taste, texture and chemical composition of the beans. Decaffeination and storage are the other stages that influence the way the coffee tastes upon brewing.

Devan’s brings you the best quality premium coffee from all around the world to make your cuppas better, tastier and more lovable. For the coffee lovers that can distinguish between the tastes and textures of different types of coffees, Devan’s is a treasure trove. Columbian Coffee, Organic Arabica Coffee, Washed Sidamo from Ethiopia, SHB Teresita from Guatemala, Blended coffee and the coffee from the lands of South India that is as rich in taste as the culture of the land – Devan’s has a proud legacy of being a coffee boutique since 1962.

Apart from being a premium coffee and tea supplier, we also offer a wide range of equipment for brewing such as macro-filters, coffee makers, Tea Infusers etc. You can also gift a hamper of premium tea and coffee specially compiled by Devan’s to your friends and relatives. If you are a person that loves to make his or her own coffee blend, then Devan’s is again at your disposal. You can log on to the website and create your own special blend of coffee by mixing two or more coffee types.

For the lovers of the drink that drives the world, Devan’s is a brewery that never disappoints.