Beat the heat this summer with Cold Brew Coffee

May 11, 2021 2 min read

Beat the heat this summer with Cold Brew Coffee
In this scorching heat of summers in India, everybody craves for a refreshing cold drink that can refresh the body and mind within no time. Tea is undoubtedly a main staple in Indian diet; however, during summers people prefer something cold rather than sipping down hot cup of tea one after another. Although, iced-tea as an option is available for tea lovers in India, unfortunately, it has failed to impress the consumers by far.

 Another inviting beverage that has wholly captured the western and European market since its inception is “Coffee”, which is gradually making its place after tea as a popular beverage in India. What’s more appealing about Coffee than tea is that it’s both, hot as well as cold versions are equally impressive and acceptable by the consumers. And the new baby on the block in the coffee industry is the “Cold Brew Coffee”, which is specially created to beat the boiling heat of summers in India where the sun reaches its highest point almost every day.

Not only cold brew coffee is a better choice than its hot brewed version in summers, but recent researches revealed that hot coffee isn’t our best bet as consumers. Coffee carries numerous antioxidants, physiochemicals and other vital nutrients which are beneficial to our bodies, but alas, it can sometimes cause acid reflux and similar issues if you brew it hot to drink. Thus, cold brew coffee is what you must crave this summer as it’s less acidic and sweeter than its hot brewed version.

The concept of cold brew coffee is surely new to the Indian market but American daily diet is addicted to it. The United States is becoming a cold-brew nation as its demand is increasing every year. Even in India, coffee is quite popular but its newest cold brew product has just penetrated the Indian beverage segment.

Companies that are launching cold brew coffees in India such as Devan’s will certainly notice surging sales of this trending summertime drink because it’s instant, ready-to-drink and can be relished by anyone of any age group.