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Cold Brew

cold brew coffee bags


The Beverage That DRIVES The WORLD

From the day they were crushed and filtered for the very first time to the times when they have become a permanent resident in almost every home in every country – the coffee beans and coffee have become much more than just a refreshing beverage. Stress reliever, beauty enhancer, morning alarm, ...

Chai – The Many Faces Of The National Drink Of India

Chai – The many faces of the National Drink of India
For the ones that love the Tea, it is not just a drink; it is an art. It is a culture that has found its roots in the Indian way of living and working in a very unique and different manner and has become an inseparable part of the same. Some feel that they just can’t actually GET UP without a st...

Create Your Own Blend Of Coffee At Devans

Create your own Blend of Coffee at Devans
Have you ever dreamt of having a cup of coffee that has a flavour and texture of your own choice? A cup that will taste what YOU want it to be like and not what a vendor has packed? Have you ever thought of having a drink that comes with a flavour that wakes you up and adds taste to your daily cuppa...
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