Robusta Kaapi Royale

India pioneered the production of washed Robusta, which occupies a special niche in the coffee world. In India much Robusta is grown at high elevations ranging from 700-1000 metres, it is dry and wet processed.

Robusta Kaapi Royale is speciality coffee of India, this coffee is prepared from washed Robusta from the regions of Mysore, Coorg, Wayanad, Shevaroys, Pulney and Bababudan. The beans are bold, round with pointed ends and grey to bluish-grey in color. In the cup, washed Robustas add more body, flavour and crema to the blend.

Tasting Notes

Robusta Kaapi Royale is medium roasted to bring out the citrus and spicy aroma, refined acidity, and a full body of the coffee, delight to the nose as it is to the palate.