Arabica Plantation-AAA

Arabica Plantation AAA - Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold


Speciality coffee of India prepared from washed Arabicas, beans are very large, uniform bluish green, with a clean polished appearance.

This coffee is a product of the birthplace of coffee in India - Baba Budangiri hills, nurtured under shade at an elevation of 1750 metres. Ripening slowly in the mild climate these arabica beans are handpicked and processed, one of the finest coffees in our collection.

Tasting Notes

The magical transformation of the green beans takes place when it’s roasted - the aroma and flavours get released and turn into a sensory delight. So is this medium roasted coffee which has malty overtones with buttery smoothness, full body, medium acidity, and a striking aroma with a note of chocolate in the cup.